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Your requirements

Nextaura will find the perfect solution to your business digitalization needs, according to their actual status, your thought processes, and the context of your business

"I have an idea for a web or mobile application."

→ Do you wish to provide new services to your customers?
→ Do you have ideas of how to improve the efficiency of your business processes that you wish to implement?
→ Do you wish to modernize your information system?
→ - Have you identified the need for a tailor-made web application?

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Web and mobile application development
"I want to start digitalizing my business process but I am not sure where to start."
→ Are you looking for assistance for the definition and realization of your ideas and your business requirements?
→ Do you wish to digitize some of your processes that are in Word or Excel?
→ Do you have an idea for an application for which you would like to know the costs in terms of time and money?
→ Do you need a facilitator to convey your business need to your IT department?

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Project owner support
"I have a web or mobile application that needs to be improved."

→ Are you in a situation where you no longer have enough resources to ensure the maintenance of your existing internal applications?
→ Are your actual maintenance costs too high?
→ Is your actual maintenance solution no longer adapted to your needs?

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Third Party Application Maintenance (TPAM)
"I am looking for one or several software developers."

→ Are you looking for a dedicated software developer?
→ Do you need backup for your project or development team?
→ You have an idea for a project and you are looking for a full team to take complete care of it?
→ Are you looking for a particular expertise in one of the fields we specialize in?

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Providing resources and skills
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