Entreprise de digitalisation


Our purpose is to drive the digitalization of your processes and ensure an efficient and sustainable transformation of your organization through the development of innovative web and mobile applications


In 2018, with more than 20 years experience in IT, including 15 years in software development and project management, Jean-Marc launched Nextaura, a sub-brand of his company Lexaura. Nextaura’s main purpose is to provide services such digitalization and optimization of business processes to small and medium sized companies.
Jean-Marc Jacquot, fondateur de Nextaura

Mission statement

Our main objective is to provide personalized service to help SMEs, growing companies and Startups with the digitalization of their business processesStarting with the identification and expression of your needs, followed by the drafting of the business requirements documents up to its execution, Nextaura will find and implement the perfect solution most suited to your business needs. With its team of highly specialized software developers Nextaura can not only create custom made web and mobile applications but also implement an existing off the shelf solution.

Our values

  • Honoring our commitments and communication : We aspire above all to build long term relationships based on  trust and you can always rely on us to honor our commitments. Any arising issues or concerns will be promptly communicated in all transparency so that they can be resolved in the best possible manner for all parties concerned.
  • Deontology and ethics : We value human relations, be internal or external and special attention is paid to the working conditions of our employees. We are attentive to each member of the Nextaura family as we strive to ensure their personal development and growth.
  • Continuous Technology trend monitoring : One of our priorities is to always stay on top of the latest technology trends and newest tools on the market to bring you the best personalized solution adapted to your business. Agile development? DevOps? Continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD)? These terms will soon be familiar to you as we ensure that you are informed about the different methodologies and how their application can be beneficial to your projects.
  • Security and Data protection : Security and Data protection has been embedded in the DNA of the founder of Nextaura since well before the arrival of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). And because it is certainly also important to you, the notions of security and data protection (personal or public) are one of the major axes of the employee’s integration process and training at Nextaura.
  • Optimal team size : Our development teams are tailored to maximize efficiency with only 2 to 7 developers per Project manager.