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NR Conseil – Business Management

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The customer

NR Conseil is a building engineering consulting firm dedicated to its clients on strong themes: Programming, Designing, and Executing.

As a Master Builder or Assistant to the Project Owner, NR Conseil accompanies its clients from the programming/sketch phase to the completion of the works.

NR Conseil offers technical solutions adapted to the needs in a wide range of fields: housing projects, logistics, urban planning, demolition and asbestos removal, transportation, public facilities, parking, etc.

Nextaura prestataire de NR Conseil pour une solution de gestion d’affaires complète

The issue

NR Conseil developed itself by relying on an ‘in-house’ business management system primarily built with Microsoft Excel and Word. The volume of business and the size reached by the company showed the limitations of this tool, and the need to switch to a comprehensive, flexible, rigorous, and secure business management solution. The main objectives were notably to avoid duplicate data entry, to facilitate management through automation, and to provide assistance.

Summary of the proposed solution

Drafting a business management specification document, followed by research and proposal of market solutions meeting these specifications.

Rédaction d'un cahier des charges par Nextaura pour NR Conseil

Yvan CHAUSSAT. , President


A big thank you to the Nextaura teams who helped us take the step of outsourcing our business management solution. Through extensive listening and understanding of our 'in-house' tools, you enabled us to have a specification document for the management solution we wanted. This preliminary work allowed us to entrust you with the research, consultation, and analysis of providers capable of presenting us with the business management solution we had defined. Following the oral presentations of the shortlisted providers, your choice proposal coincided with the choice we made as future users! Nearly a year after activating your mission, the deployment of our tool is effective for the entire company, and this to our greatest satisfaction!

The details of the proposed solution and the approach adopted

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Exchange with the business teams to gather requirements and the Excel and Word documents constituting the existing tool.

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Drafting the specifications document for business management according to NR Conseil’s specificities.

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Market research and identification of 8 solutions that could potentially meet the needs.

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Transmission of the specifications document and exchanges with the vendors to verify functional coverage and an initial selection of 4 solutions.

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Identification of any gaps or points of concern through demonstrations of each of the solutions, also allowing to appreciate their qualities such as ergonomics.

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Obtaining initial financial information for each of the solutions.

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Drafting and presentation of the analysis of the 4 selected solutions plus the specific development; Nextaura recommendations for 2 particularly.

Solution de gestion d'affaires envisagée par Nextaura

The difficulties overcome

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During the drafting of the specifications document:

  • The detection of all existing features primarily from very rich Excel files with formulas, links between them, etc.
  • Enriching the requirements with the perspective of a much more advanced business management solution, allowing to simplify and streamline procedures and data.
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During the search for solutions:

  • Identifying gaps compared to NR Conseil’s specific requirements in the proposed solutions.
  • Assessing the means of bypassing these gaps through the flexibility of each of the solutions.

Our resources involved in the project

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A Project Manager

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A Business Analyst

The result

NR Conseil specifically explored the two solutions recommended by Nextaura and was able to choose the one that best suited its needs.