Digitalisation des processus

Bring your projects to life

We help SMEs, growing companies and Startups digitalize their business processes by offering a personalized service leading to the solution best suited to their requirements

Improve your efficiency by digitalizing your processes

Our software development teams, business analysts and project managers help you digitalize your  processes either by finding and implementing a market solution or by creating a personalized custom-made solution perfectly suited to your business needs.

Evolve and adapt to stay ahead of your market and your customer’s needs

Our agile methodologies of continuous development and fast delivery ensure continual adaptation of your digital solutions to changing business requirements.

Focus on your core business

Ours is a relationship based on trust as we strive to fully understand and translate your business concepts into requirements. Leave it to us to find or create and maintain all your digital systems and tools.


Respect and trust to find the perfect solution

Our vision is deeply customer oriented with noble values and a humane approach. We will always endeavor to find the optimal solution perfectly adapted to your business needs and your budget, either by developing a tailor-made solution or by customizing an off the shelf system.

Enjoy a fully personalized service

With a dedicated project manager as your contact person, backed by a team of skilled specialists, we strive to provide high quality service. Our reactivity and solution-oriented approach ensure efficient communication and understanding throughout.

A broad vision going beyond your business needs

Thanks to our proactive and innovative mindset, we continuously offer ideas for the optimization of processes, suggest streamlining solutions, define and anticipate unexpressed business needs.

A comprehensive support for a complete solution

With advanced multiple skills in different fields, we go beyond mere software development to find the solution perfectly adapted to your business requirements:

  • Business and organizational skills: Project Management, Project Ownership and Business analysis
  • Technical skills: Digital ergonomics, system administration, network, security, data privacy management
  • Analytical skills: Analysis and complex problem solving (business and technical) followed by proposal and design of an adapted solution

Thanks to our broad spectrum of service, know-how and expertise, we are able to accompany you all the way and provide extensive and comprehensive solutions to cater to all your business needs.

Up to date with the latest technologies and innovations

Our team stays on top of the newest trends, emerging technologies, trending tools and digital breakthroughs to offer the most innovative, efficient solutions to you, be it in terms of software design and development, testing, deployment or maintenance (ie: DevOps, CI/CD, etc.).

Our services

We offer a full range of digital services to support our customers and help them embrace the digital world and optimize their business processes

Web and mobile application development

Tailor-made solutions adapted to your needs and requirements, using agile methodology.

Third Party Application Maintenance (TPAM)

Real-time maintenance and evolution of existing custom-made applications, whether they have been developed by us or not.

Providing resources
and skills

To absorb your workload or extend your expertise, either with individual software developers or specialists directly integrating your project teams or a complete team to expand your IT department.

Project management
and support

To steer your project and bring your vision to life: define the framework, assess your business requirements and assist with the implementation of the solutions.

Business Analysis

For the drafting of specifications and the creation of agile user stories as well as providing support to the development teams.

We also work in collaboration with our corporate head office LEXAURA, whose main services include:
  • Cyber security (Auditing, Penetration testing)
  • Information systems security (IT Governance, disaster recovery et business continuity, backup, etc.)
  • Website load testing

Our tools, methodologies and technologies

  • Agile, Scrum, DevOps (CI/CD), DevSecOps
  • PHP, Symfony, Laravel, NodeJS, ReactJS, React Native
  • Java, Windev, Webdev
  • Prestashop, WordPress, WooCommerce,
  • Docker, Git, Gitlab, Jira, SwaggerHub, Ticketing